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Mining Projects

KSE Mining, from the beginning of design stage, sustains a compatible partnership through the life of mine with the associate corporations. Starting from a metallic ore project undertaken in earthworks, ore production, mine waste dumps, ore stockpiling and crushing-screening units with all necessary works related to the design, implementation, management and administration is capable of performing.


Open Pit

KSE Mining is united its experience with dynamism to be a rising star in gold mining industry which is increasing significance in recent years in Turkey. KSE Mining is combined its experience which is gained from business partnership with Turkey’s leading metallic mining companies, with its modern machinery and equipment pool, to create a difference in its industry with its team of experts.

KSE Mining has adopted the principle of result-oriented, continuously developing, responsible mining based on teamwork, knowing that mining passes not only to implementing existing projects on paper, but also to bringing engineering solutions to all problems encountered throughout the life of the mine.



Underground mining is the process of extracting minerals whıch have an economic value in accordance with regulation and instructions, with the priority of occupational health and safety. Block model of the ore is determined by exploration drilling during feasibility works is generated in line with the plans which is approved by internationally competent organizations and the ore is produced. Development and production stage of works are executed by using latest technology machinery at all stages of underground mining. Safety of production is ensured by keeping the support standards at the highest level.

Experienced technical team within our company assure that the activities are conducted to high standards and necessary revisions are made according to the conditions. All underground personnel are subjected to theoretical and practical examinations after receiving all necessary legal and in-company instruction training. All the development and production activities are submitted to official institutions and inspection companies in a report form and they are audited within the framework of transparency.