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About Us


KSE MINING; is a people-oriented company. Every business operation is based on human values in the company. Individual initiative is never requested. Everyone has a specified job. Employees carry out their tasks in accordance with predefined instructions and procedures. Planned tasks are performed by employee in a way as it is defined before. There is no way for employee to violate the task rules through taking initiative. In this way, a workplace environment is established that is safe and productive.

KSE MINING; has compliances with all national and international legislations. For auditing the compliances, it establishes a Legal Regulatory Compliance Table. It is updated quarterly in a year. The company has an aim to set goals for work safety better than standard circumstances by means of domestic procedures and instructions implemented.

KSE MINING; systematically predetermines all the risks (possible dangerous events) before they occur. In case of encountering with unavoidable work accidents and occupational diseases arouse from the risks the company seeks for less dangerous  ways and methods for work then applies.

KSE MINING; In risk management, the company implements the most effective engineering applications. For achieving this target, the company never abstains from making sacrifices. The company utilizes all scientific and technologic innovations (and developments).

KSE MINING; in attitude towards work safety, prefers to be in a proactive manner rather than a reactive manner. Therefore, the company receives professional support if needed. During risk assessment studies applications of compliance methodologies are carried out hypercritically. Preventions pointed in risk assessments reports are applied as soon as possible and continuously. As the company supporting these preventions actively and continuously, possibility and volume of the risks decreases.

KSE MINING; during conducting projects which are to reach a sustainable success, set goals which are specially evaluable, realistic, reachable and timely limited.

KSE MINING; provides Personal Protective Equipment which have compliances with EN Standards and CE certifications for employees. Task Risk Analysis, which make assessment workplace environment and conditions, is performed to select suitable Personal Protective Equipment for employee. By usage testing sample of a Personal Protective Equipment in terms of employees comfort, desires and easiness, procurement of these equipment is guided.

KSE MINING; implements both domestic and external audit systems. Domestic audits are carried out by company’s departments through a cross check. External audits are performed through 3 steps:

1. Step: Checking Compliances with Legislations

2. Step: Checking Compliances with Company’s Standards

3. Step: Behavior-Oriented Risk Control

In all three steps Elmar Index is implemented. At the end of an audit if a point 70 of 100 is granted next audit will be done. Since audits not only on papers, a new process in which field applications are fulfilled and employees had internalized safety will be entered in terms of Occupational Safety.

Accomplishing job safety trainings successfully of all employees working in KSE MINING Businesses results in our company’s score to high grades in Occupational safety statistics and also helps to maintain activity and high-quality standards at high level which is the company’s basic goal.

All needed knowledges and skills are given to all employees working for KSE MINING to be able to define “hazards” and “decrease hazard”. After accomplishing safety trainings, all of our employees would be able to define “hazards”, make a choice for a new way to decrease risks and at last would be able to fill “Hazard and Job Safety Suggestion Form” and “Incident/Occurrence Reporting Form”.

All staff of KSE MINING are aware of how to implement prework check list and its importance.

All staff of KSE MINING, being aware of differences between “hazard” and “risk”, can classify hazards in workplaces. The staff should assess hazard control methods considering priority and attend to appliances.

All staff of KSE MINING had requested knowledges about coming to work as able-bodied which is a responsibility to prevent injuries to him/herself, the others, equipment and environment. All staff would be able to define and implement the term “being Able-bodied”.

All staff of KSE MINING as a requirement for job safety, is able to disable energy source in terms of labeling and locking. Also they are able to describe all tag labels in working place and label correctly.

All staff of KSE MINING is aware of following, explaining and implementing the traffic rules at least they have to.

All staff of KSE MINING is basically trained and equipped with knowledges and skills what they need for fire-fighting. They can describe the “fire” and choose correct fire extinguisher regarding type of fire.

All staff of KSE MINING is able to define emergency condition and array actions what to do during emergency condition.