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KSE Mining Company Policy


The purpose of KSE MINING COMPANY is; to contribute to the Turkish economy in the mining sector by using the best-known technology according to international standards and to ensure continuous improvement by applying the highest occupational safety standards in the world.

KSE MINING Company believes that the high management performance to be achieved by the management system is necessary for an institutional and effective company. This will be achieved in the measures of transparency, thanks to leadership skills with the use of reliable systems that support effective decision-making, and which provide timely and accurate information. In order to accomplish the Occupational Health and Safety objectives:

KSE MINING Company will adhere to the following principles:

- Choosing people with the appropriate qualifications and abilities to Show commitment to effective occupational safety management.

- To establish and implement Occupational Health and Safety management system that defines, evaluates and effectively controls Occupational Health and Safety risks of KSE MINING Company.

- To integrate all aspects of occupational health and safety into all activities of the company, including research, project development, dissemination of mining, acquisitions.

- To achieve high standards and to define the opportunities for improvement in line with the expectations of the employees and the community values, to be honest and transparent.

- To design, maintain and configure all activities and the infrastructure that is attached to them in order to create a safe work environment, to ensure the continuity and to prevent the occupational disease of employees or to prevent them from being injured.

- To ensure that employees are trained to be managed in accordance with this policy.

- To start regular inspection and evaluation programs and to accept proposals for improvement by taking appropriate follow-up measures. To ensure the implementation of accepted improvements

- To establish an open communication for the business environment, risks, events and opinions in order to take effective decisions and measures.

- Fully abide by the all applicable legislation provisions.

- To establish a structure that will carry out all kinds of activities to ensure compliance with the purposes and goals of Occupational Health and Safety and continuous revision of this compliance.