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Our Activity Areas



KSE MADENCİLİK A.Ş. operates its business partnerships with the leading companies of the sector both in domestic and abroad with modern machinery and equipment park.

KSE MADENCİLİK A.Ş., from the beginning of design phase, sustains a compatible partnership through the life of mine with the associate corporations. Starting from a metal mine project undertaken in earthworks, ore production, mine waste dumps, ore stockpiling and crushingscreening units with all necessary Works related to the design, implementation, management and administration is capable of performing.

Our company is capable to design, operate and conduct all related Works fast and in higher quality.

In order to put into into final form all ground units stated in the project, our group have materialized their sensitivity on the issue by integrating 3D (GPS) positioning units to their modern heavy machinery. By means of these devices, the earthworks units could be implemented thoroughly and delivered in 1 to 10th of a centimeter precision as per design parameters.

An experienced team of professionals is constituting the core of the Group and successfully performing the production, ore stocking, waste removal, crushing and screening activities in gold mining and other fields of the sector. The team is also ready to realize the undertaken projects and improve them whenever necessary through revisions.

KSE MADENCİLİK A.Ş. is aware of the fact that mining is not just implementing the projects written on papers but also to offer an engineering solution to all potential problems to be encountered throughout the mine life and so the group has adopted working Safely, Efficiently, Fast and Fairly as a principle.